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Aerial Lift Manufacturers

Current Lift Manufacturers

Doppelmayr CTEC:
Doppelmayr CTEC was formed in 2002 when Doppelmayr of Austria aquired Garaventa of Switzerland. However, because Garaventa and CTEC merged in 1993, this new merger formed Doppelmayr CTEC in North America. Its headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, UT with other offices in St. Jerome, Quebec and Kelowna, British Columbia.

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Doppelmayr CTEC

Leitner - POMA:
Leitner-POMA was formed in 2001 when Leitner's parent company purchased the POMA Group. Located in Grand Junction, Colorado, Leitner-POMA is one of North America's biggest aerial lift manufacturers.

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Former Lift Manufacturers

CTEC Inc.:
Founded by former Thiokol employees, Jan Leonard and Mark Ballantyne in 1977, CTEC quickly grew in popularity and by 1982, it was the second largest aerial lift manufacturer in North America. A lot of CTEC's early lift designs are based off of Thiokol's, which Jan and Mark purchased when Thiokol got out of the aerial lift industry.

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Hall Ski-Lift Co.:
Founded by Victor E. Hall in 1954, Hall was once one of the largest ski lift manufactuers in North America with over 800 lift installations. Today, many of its lifts are still in operation and can be found throughout North America.

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Hall Ski-Lift Company

Miner-Denver was a small aerial lift manufacturer located in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1967, it closed only 3 years later in 1970, but managed to install 17 lifts in North America at ski resorts like Steamboat, A-Basin and Squaw Valley.

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Partek Ski Lifts was founded in 1996 by Hagen Schulz, the son of Gary Schulz who owned Borvig Ski Lifts. Partek was basically the new Borvig, but it's time was short and it was purchased by Doppelmayr CTEC in 2005.

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Founded in 1950 by a German engineer named Karl Ringer, the company only lasted a short time before closing its doors in 1953. Ringer was known for its unique Double-Swivel chair design and was also credited for installed the first monocable detachable lift in North America.

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Tiegel manufacturing was a small chairlift company located in Belmont, California that manufactured double chairs and surface lifts. Today, Tiegel is no longer in the aerial lift business, but some of its lifts can still be found at Homewood Ski Area in California.

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